News, release notes, new features

2011-06-24 Version 1.0m

  • A Java applet is now included as an upload option, very useful for big uploads as it includes a progress bar and many files can be uploaded in one step.

2009-06-15 Version 1.0D

  • Fixed bug related to the removal of an user from a group.
  • Fix to avoid email sending errors in some cases.
  • Allow to override default directory for user files & folders (baseDir configuration parameter).
  • Add support for multiple uploads (now enabled by default, MultipleUpload configuration parameter)
  • Add support for the advanced upload applet add-on (AppletUpload configuration parameter)
  • Allow the SMTP port used for sending email notices to be changed (smptPort configuration parameter).

2007-11-23 Version 1.0k

Bug fix: Multiple upload link was broken if directory name had a space.

2006-10-15 Version 1.0C

Added an optional "upload-only" permission level.

2006-06-27 Version 1.0j

  • New feature: several files can be downloaded at once as a Zip file.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Some URLs were not properly encoded
    • Logging: user name was logged twice

2006-04-30 Version 1.0h

  • Add support for some SUN-based web hosting enviroments.
  • Bug fix: permissions in database were not deleted when deliting a folder.
  • Improvement: Use admistrator user email for notices, WF_EMAIL constant is deprecated.

2006-01-27 Java bundles

The java version has been improved for easier installation with a two software bundles that contain everything needed to run WebbyFiles : the Java runtime environment (Windows), a web server and a database server. This way the Java version can also be used very easily in systems without an already working Java web application environment.

2006-01-26 Version 1.0f

  • added Dutch Language
  • added new multiple upload page
  • minor improvements and fixes

2005-10-25: Java™ version.

Java porting finished. Now WebbyFiles can be also deployed as a Java servlet.

Works on any Java server that supports JSP and servlets. Tested on Tomcat, JBoss and Resin.

Works with multiple databases. Tested with Oracle, MySQL, SQL server, MaxDB / Sap DB and Firebird.

2005-10-25: German Language

Added to the standard language set, having now 3 languages included: English, Spanish and German. Other languages can be easily added by editing the language files.

2005-10-24: Version 1.0e

Added the following optional features:

  • Use of hard links for file copying
  • User expiration
  • External Authentication (phpShop)
  • API for user creation from external PHP applications

2005-10-02: Version 1.0d

  • Usability improvements: automatic focus on first field, use of enter key to submit forms.
  • Prepare core code to allow a future javascript-free skin.

2005-09-28: Version 1.0c

  • Notify function: added configuration options to the emails sent: "from" field, send copy to sender, hide recipients list.

New optional features:

  • Notify function: concatenate & store emails in conversation threads
  • An automated warning that a file is being edited can be added to the file notes when it is downloaded. The warning is removed when the file is uploaded again..

2005-09-10 Java port

Starts the porting to the Java language.

2005-08-19 Version 1.0b

  • database tables can be prefixed so an already existing non-empty database can be used.
  • other minor improvements & fixes

2005-06-30 Version 1.0a

  • Add logging with output to a file with CVS format.
  • Add "upload replacing" function.
  • Controls maximum upload size and show it to the user.
  • Support for two types of overall quotas: maximum disk usage and minimum free space to leave on the device.
  • Support for armored demo mode.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Internal improvements in code.

2005-05-03 Version 0.9b

Fixes for better PHP5 support.

2005-05-03 Version 0.9a

  • Many bug fixes & debugging.
  • New much nicer skin "medal metal".
  • Installation script.

2005-02-15 Version 0.8

First version launched

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