Easy installation

WebbyFiles can be installed in minutes and you don't need to be an expert to install it. Either if you have your own server or you want to use a thrid party hosting account, we provide a number of installation programs and software bundles that enable WebbyFiles to be installed on a wide variety of servers very easily.

Easy of use

Tidy, intuitive Interface that results in an easy to learn operation. A significant effort has been made to show only the information that is needed. Most of the buttons, icons or fields are obvious and straightforward to use.

Files & Folders Management

You have all the options for a complete file management :

  • Upload & Download files
  • Create folders
  • Copy, Move, Rename & Delete files and folders.

Furthermore, you can add notes or comments to any file or folder. These notes are shown just below the file or folder name.

Also, with the 'notify' function you can send an email to other users that have access to a file or folder, to inform them about any circumstance about it, for instance, that you have just uploaded it so it is available for them to download.

Permissions System

WebbyFiles comes with a complete database-driven permission system, independant of the operating system that can be set up in a way as simple or as complex as you require.

In the default configuration there are four permission levels : read, append, change and administer. The permissions are set up per folder for all users that belong to an user group: you decide which permission level will have those users for an specific folder.

Visit the support pages for details or see it at work at the self-documented on-line demo.

Fully Customizable

  • You can design your own "skins" to fit into your site's graphical design style.
  • Multilanguage. English, Spanish, German and Dutch are included, and by editing the language files you can easily add any other language.
  • Through the configuration file you can customize the permission levels.
  • If you need deeper customizations that imply changes in the core programming you can also do it : you get the full, commented, object oriented source code, and our generous license allows you to modify it at your wish !
  • And of course we are willing to provide assistance for the customization process and you always have the option to rely on us to do it for you (ask for a quote).
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