F.A.Q.: Why WebbyFiles?

How does WebbyFiles compare with other commercial products ?
Why the source code is important?
How does WebbyFiles compare with Open Source projects?
The product XYZ looks much better than yours

How does WebbyFiles compare with other commercial products?

Compare only these two points with any other similar commercial product : price and source code availability. Other commercial products you may find are either much more expensive or they don't provide you with the source code, or both.

Why the source code is important?

Some of the most important reasons to have the source code are :

    • It allows you for complete customization of the software and therefore reduces your dependency from the software vendor. If you don't want to hire us to customize the software for you, you can hire a PHP programmer at any time to modify the program at your wish.
    • It's the standard way PHP applications work. In order to hide the source code, software vendors use a number of 'encoding tricks', such as obfuscation, encryption, and others. All of them have some special requirements to work, such as special module to be installed on the server. Some of them may reduce significantly the program speed. Some are tied to a specific Operating System or PHP version. Therefore, if you or your hosting provider upgrades or migrates your web server, you may find that the program no longer works.


How does WebbyFiles compare with Open Source projects?

There are many open source projects out there, they of course include the source code and they are available for free. Try to use some of them and you will find that in many cases it is much better to pay the reasonable WebbyFiles price, because :

  • Many open source projects are just "file managers". They let you browse, upload, move, delete files, etc, but they don't allow you to create users, organize them in groups and setup access rights. Some let you manage the Linux/Unix permission settings, but that's an important security risk and quite complicated to manage. WebbyFiles comes with a database driven permission system, completely independent of the operating system, much easier to understand and manage.
  • There are a high number of small, mostly experimental Open Source projects very limited in features, unstable, undocumented and probably quite insecure. On other hand there is a small number of enormous Open Source projects with all kinds of unnecessary and confusing features that make them very complicated to use. WebbyFiles fits in the right middle: it is full featured, robust, and centered around one purpose : easy file sharing, and nothing else.
  • Most Open Source projects are developed by experts and require a high level of technical expertise to install and configure them. WebbyFiles comes with an installation script that will get you up and running in minutes. Even if you are a senior system administrator and PHP programmer, it will save some of your valuable time.
  • You get direct support from the developer.

The product XYZ looks much better than yours

Please tell us and we will send you a comparison sheet between WebbyFiles and XYZ.

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